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Thank you SO VERY MUCH for shopping with us! As our highly valued customer we would like reward you with our limited GIFT WITH PURCHASE exclusive to OSIRIS. The concept is simple, We will reward you with a free Osiris Cap or T-Shirt (as seen in the lead image) with every pair of Osiris Shoes you may purchase. This offer is only available whilst stocks last!


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Surf Cape Verde

Hi guys. My name is Kyle, I work at X-Spirit, and I just wanted to let you know, that on Friday, I will be catching a plane and making my way to the island of Boa Vista for some serious holiday time, leaving my partner Kat, with a lot of Xmas picking and packing to do! (Sorry Kat…) Now, without sounding like I am trying to rub anyones nose in it, the reason I am letting you know, is that not many know just what an insane surfspot Cape Verde is and the sort of wave it produces. It has become a bit of a mecca for both kiteboarders, and surfers for a number of years now. And after watching some amazing performances by the guys smashing the Banzai Pipeline this week, I am psyched to get the board waxed up and into some salt water. The one thing that does concern me, is my pasty white colour and I am thinking about a stand up spray tan……

Just before you start to panic, I will be updating this blog on my holiday!

The Pipe Masters

For more info, go here:

The Pipeline Masters in a prestigious surfing event held at Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii. The event has always held a certain magical element to it, being the last comp of the season, in the most insane conditions, and very close to the holidays. Quite often it also decides who the world champion will be and comes down to the wire. This year is no different as 11 time world champion, Kelly Slater, battles it out with Australian, Mick Fanning. Slater has to win the event, with Fanning going out in the Semi’s in order to be crowned world champion for an amazing 12th time. Not bad for a guy who came out of retirement a few years ago! Slater, win or not, will go down as the greatest of all time. Previous winners of The Pipe Masters are as follows:

Year Winner
1971 Hawaii Jeff Hakman
1972 Hawaii Gerry Lopez
1973 Hawaii Gerry Lopez
1974 United States Jeff Crawford
1975 South Africa Shaun Tomson
1976 Hawaii Rory Russell
1977 Hawaii Rory Russell
1978 Australia Larry Blair
1979 Australia Larry Blair
1980 Australia Mark Richards
1981 Australia Simon Anderson
1982 Hawaii Michael Ho
1983 Hawaii Dane Kealoha
1984 United States Joey Buran
1985 Australia Mark Occhilupo
1986 Hawaii Derek Ho
1987 Australia Tom Carroll
1988 Australia Robbie Page
1989 Australia Gary Elkerton
1990 Australia Tom Carroll
1991 Australia Tom Carroll
1992 United States Kelly Slater
1993 Hawaii Derek Ho
1994 United States Kelly Slater
1995 United States Kelly Slater
1996 United States Kelly Slater
1997 Hawaii John Gomes
1998 Australia Jake Paterson
1999 United States Kelly Slater
2000 United States Rob Machado
2001 Hawaii Bruce Irons
2002 Hawaii Andy Irons
2003 Hawaii Andy Irons
2004 Hawaii Jamie O’Brien
2005 Hawaii Andy Irons
2006 Hawaii Andy Irons
2007 Australia Bede Durbidge
2008 United States Kelly Slater
2009 Australia Taj Burrow
2010 France Jeremy Flores
2011 Australia Kieren Perrow
2012 Australia Joel Parkinson


Long sleeved world

You gotta love a long sleeved t. Summer or winter, they just work. Somehow, they went out of fashion a few seasons back, but we are stoked to welcome them back with arms wide open. Stylish, yet smack with an air of tre cool. Always wearing them proud.






Camo KaBlammo!

In this ever changing world of fashion we see ourselves continuously divulging in, trends come and go and the resurface every few years. Camo is one that never seems to go away. Currently gracing the catwalks from London to Milan, the buyers at X- Spirit know about trends, trending and trendsetting. So, have a wee look at our range of camo garms fresh out the box:





Sun or snow?

Here in the UK it’s pretty chillos at the moment. We have an “Arctic Blast” coming in form, you guessed it, Antacrtica! Love that term, arctic blast. It’s as if someone over there turned there aircon to the arctic blast setting, and pointed it toward us! The thing is though, we tend to forget that there are others in the world who actually have warm weather right now. For example, the Australians, who look already, like they are taking a beating from the English in the Ashes…..Ha ha! Only kidding Aussies- as always, am sure you will rescue this. Reading back on my words, this post is a bit like an episode of Family Guy, or The Simpsons, where it always starts with a fixed theme, but by the end of the show, you have experienced 3/4 stories in one, so I will cut to the chase. Check out these garms, whether you are in the sun, or the snow, or are going on holiday, here at x-spirit, we cater for your every need!






Little Arabella Miller came across a stocking filler…

I know, I know, stocking filler? Xmas? Too soon? Never to soon! How much planning goes into Xmas? Loads and loads and loads- get on it early this year, but we have decided one of the most forgotten about parts of the wonderful Xmas experience is the stocking. Bring back the stocking we say! Old and new, celebrate the importance of the stocking, and even more so, the stocking filler! So, lets start with the wallet…..

A wallet a day, makes the landlord go away,

But only if filled with currency to sway,

A wallet a day, takes away the grey,

But make sure the pennies are therin to stay,

A wallet a day, we continue to say,

So buy from our site, up up and away!