Surf Cape Verde

Hi guys. My name is Kyle, I work at X-Spirit, and I just wanted to let you know, that on Friday, I will be catching a plane and making my way to the island of Boa Vista for some serious holiday time, leaving my partner Kat, with a lot of Xmas picking and packing to do! (Sorry Kat…) Now, without sounding like I am trying to rub anyones nose in it, the reason I am letting you know, is that not many know just what an insane surfspot Cape Verde is and the sort of wave it produces. It has become a bit of a mecca for both kiteboarders, and surfers for a number of years now. And after watching some amazing performances by the guys smashing the Banzai Pipeline this week, I am psyched to get the board waxed up and into some salt water. The one thing that does concern me, is my pasty white colour and I am thinking about a stand up spray tan……

Just before you start to panic, I will be updating this blog on my holiday!


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