Can I have a side of Curly Hurley fries with that?

Hurley One & Only Core Men's Heather Grey T-ShirtHurley So Close Pop Men's Heather Black HoodieHurley Flammo Men's Crew Graphite SweaterHurley One & Only Men's Vista Blue Pullover HoodieHurley One & Only  Men's Black Heather Pullover HoodieHurley Icon Men's Black T-Shirt Hurley Desert Sessions Men's White T- Shirt Hurley One & Only Painted Men's Cyan T- ShirtHurley Icon Men's Vista Blue T-Shirt Hurley One & Only Core Men's Long Sleeve Black T-Shirt Hurley One & Only Core Men's Heather Grey Long Sleeve T-Shirt Hurley Toes On The Nose Men's Heather Grey T-Shirt

The classic H of the Hurley brand started by Jeff Hurley himself is a symbol that has come from a surf background but has won over the hearts of action sports lovers from the tracks to the beach. “H” supports skaters, MXers, BMXers and many more genre of the lifestyles we love with their incredible Nike boardshort technology that runs through to other areas of Hurley. X-Spirit are huge fans.

Founded by Bob Hurley in 1981, the long and short of it is, these guys set up Billabong USA, under the Hurley banner, and when Billabong decided not to renew their license (bad move) with the Hurley guys, they thought- lets just do it ourselves, and so in 1999, Hurley International was born. In 2002, Nike came along and decided to buy Hurley Int. for an “undisclosed amount” but Bob Hurley would pretty much stick around and run the join (good move). Hurley, even though owned by the juggernaut that is Nike, continue to remain true to themselves and their roots, designing cutting edge product that remains fresh. With the Nike technology, these guys are kicking out seriously innovative boardshorts and other product that quite frankly, is blowing their competitors out of the water. X- Spirit are stoked to be able to deal with these guys.


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