Sun or snow?

Here in the UK it’s pretty chillos at the moment. We have an “Arctic Blast” coming in form, you guessed it, Antacrtica! Love that term, arctic blast. It’s as if someone over there turned there aircon to the arctic blast setting, and pointed it toward us! The thing is though, we tend to forget that there are others in the world who actually have warm weather right now. For example, the Australians, who look already, like they are taking a beating from the English in the Ashes…..Ha ha! Only kidding Aussies- as always, am sure you will rescue this. Reading back on my words, this post is a bit like an episode of Family Guy, or The Simpsons, where it always starts with a fixed theme, but by the end of the show, you have experienced 3/4 stories in one, so I will cut to the chase. Check out these garms, whether you are in the sun, or the snow, or are going on holiday, here at x-spirit, we cater for your every need!







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