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Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Contest

Twiggy Baker wins!

A 40-year-old big wave rider from South Africa claimed his second Mavericks Invitational surfing championship on Friday, as he led two dozen competitors carving into crests up to five stories tall in northern California’s famed surf contest.

Grant “Twiggy” Baker, who hails from Durban and clinched his first Mavericks victory in 2006, was awarded a $12,000 grand prize at the end of the day-long competition, which draws tens of thousands of fans each year to the sleepy coastal town of Half Moon Bay, 48km south of San Francisco.

Insane Waves Keep Coming

Fearless: Amputee Rik Bennett

Over and out: Onlookers looked on in disbelief as he barrelled through the surf, being thrown off by a monster wave

Maybe these are the waves Bodhi was waiting for in Point Break….

Europe has had some unbelievable rain causing a lot of flooding and destruction, but for some surfers the best waves they have ever seen, or ridden. Hawaiian surfer, Shane Dorian, jumped on a plane and travelled for 15 hours to surf a break off the French coast, catching 2 waves, measured at about 60ft, but said it was worth the trouble. Immense 15- 20 footers are also being ridden off the Irish coast, and by these photos you can see some serious waves battering the Cornish coast, but the thing is, this chap is an amputee. Respect, and more respect. Defying all safety warnings, surfer Rik Bennett pits his skill against monster waves thrown up by Storm Hercules – on one leg. Onlookers watched in disbelief as daredevil dad-of-five Rik, 44, plunged into 25ft waves as tall as houses at St Agnes in Cornwall.

Watch Andrew Cotton surf one of these monsters right here:

Holiday bliss

Everybody needs a holiday, needs some time away, from each other…… Song lyrics, but very apt! My holiday in particular has been amazing. Good to measure things and have a little reassessment of life in general. The filling up of the tank, so to speak. Cape Verde is a breathtakingly beautiful place. Certainly not full of palm trees and Tiki bars, but natural beauty- the beauty of old. The people are humble and appreciate what they have, and for now, no built up promenades, stalls selling cheap tat, and certainly no Irish bars! But, word on the street is that things will change in about 5 years time, Cape Verde becoming the new canaries, so my advice is, get out here quickly before the before the natural beach beauty is gone forever. Went to the point again yesterday, although this time in rain, but it´s cool as I was going to get wet anyway! 3 foot, sucking up barrels, but oh so much fun. Had to make sure the take off was spot on as a snapped board could have easily been the result and all i brought along on this trip was one 6.4

So, back to reality tomorrow, and back to the cold, but I have missed Kat, X-Spirit and doing what I really love. Living the lifestyle, and sharing it via our awesome business. And not only that, Christmas, Santa, mince pies, mulled wine and presents to look forward to.



Greetings from Cape Verde

Hi there. You might be wondering where I dissapeared to, but the wave has just been too good, and the wifi connection to slow, so finally managed to find somewhere to say, Howdy! I found a pretty much untapped spot about a 5km walk from where I am staying. From a very far off distance Icould see a point, and I knew there had to be a wave there, so I trekked a lonely windy, sandy journey and found a constant 4ft beauty. I was so excited, rushed into the water and got barreled for about an hour. Amazing! So, on that note, I am off to get barreled again. Chat in a few days…..


Surf Cape Verde

Hi guys. My name is Kyle, I work at X-Spirit, and I just wanted to let you know, that on Friday, I will be catching a plane and making my way to the island of Boa Vista for some serious holiday time, leaving my partner Kat, with a lot of Xmas picking and packing to do! (Sorry Kat…) Now, without sounding like I am trying to rub anyones nose in it, the reason I am letting you know, is that not many know just what an insane surfspot Cape Verde is and the sort of wave it produces. It has become a bit of a mecca for both kiteboarders, and surfers for a number of years now. And after watching some amazing performances by the guys smashing the Banzai Pipeline this week, I am psyched to get the board waxed up and into some salt water. The one thing that does concern me, is my pasty white colour and I am thinking about a stand up spray tan……

Just before you start to panic, I will be updating this blog on my holiday!

The Pipe Masters

For more info, go here:

The Pipeline Masters in a prestigious surfing event held at Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii. The event has always held a certain magical element to it, being the last comp of the season, in the most insane conditions, and very close to the holidays. Quite often it also decides who the world champion will be and comes down to the wire. This year is no different as 11 time world champion, Kelly Slater, battles it out with Australian, Mick Fanning. Slater has to win the event, with Fanning going out in the Semi’s in order to be crowned world champion for an amazing 12th time. Not bad for a guy who came out of retirement a few years ago! Slater, win or not, will go down as the greatest of all time. Previous winners of The Pipe Masters are as follows:

Year Winner
1971 Hawaii Jeff Hakman
1972 Hawaii Gerry Lopez
1973 Hawaii Gerry Lopez
1974 United States Jeff Crawford
1975 South Africa Shaun Tomson
1976 Hawaii Rory Russell
1977 Hawaii Rory Russell
1978 Australia Larry Blair
1979 Australia Larry Blair
1980 Australia Mark Richards
1981 Australia Simon Anderson
1982 Hawaii Michael Ho
1983 Hawaii Dane Kealoha
1984 United States Joey Buran
1985 Australia Mark Occhilupo
1986 Hawaii Derek Ho
1987 Australia Tom Carroll
1988 Australia Robbie Page
1989 Australia Gary Elkerton
1990 Australia Tom Carroll
1991 Australia Tom Carroll
1992 United States Kelly Slater
1993 Hawaii Derek Ho
1994 United States Kelly Slater
1995 United States Kelly Slater
1996 United States Kelly Slater
1997 Hawaii John Gomes
1998 Australia Jake Paterson
1999 United States Kelly Slater
2000 United States Rob Machado
2001 Hawaii Bruce Irons
2002 Hawaii Andy Irons
2003 Hawaii Andy Irons
2004 Hawaii Jamie O’Brien
2005 Hawaii Andy Irons
2006 Hawaii Andy Irons
2007 Australia Bede Durbidge
2008 United States Kelly Slater
2009 Australia Taj Burrow
2010 France Jeremy Flores
2011 Australia Kieren Perrow
2012 Australia Joel Parkinson