All singing, all dancing!

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Metal Mulisha Brush Zip Men's Black HoodieElement Alder Jacket - Olive Grey

Hey y’all. Come and check this stuff out. New site, new prices! We are so stoked with how this turned out, and have worked hard to get it looking as cool as this! We are true action sports guys who love it all and live it all. Come and join us.


We do Summer, Summer like no other

Gettin ready for the Bank Holiday Weekend! C’mon Summer!


This Is Hardcore

Globe Footwear have been rocking skateshoes since the 90’s but this to me has always been a classic and does everything you ask of a shoe when putting it through the paces whilst skating. Globe, we salute you. Keep on keeping on.


Rip it, Grind it and dominate! These Globe Sabre Skate Shoe’s could probably withstand a nuclear bomb!


  • Globe skate shoe 
  • Action leather / action nubuck / synthetic nubuck / TPR / synthetic nubuck upper 
  • Tough bulky upper build 
  • Large branding prints Flushed, stitched PVC eyelets 
  • Globe’s S-Trac tread pattern for ultimate grip and flex




Homeless South African skateboarder becomes professional

This inspiring trailer is a call for some crowd funding to help further the incredible story of Thalente Biyela. Thalente is a fantastically talented skateboarder from Durban, South Africa, who has been homeless since age 11.

Because of his homelessness, he hasn’t had any schooling since age 8, and is unable to read, write or perform basic mathematics. Growing up, he endured abuse from his step-father, until he struck out on his own.

Thalente calls the opening of a skate park in North Beach, Durban, “the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Old school skate brands

Remember the days of Independent and Santa Cruz. When you were a young kid, just starting out and watching videos like Wheels of Fire and wishing you were Rob Roskopp or Jeff Kendall, or Natas Kaupus on a fire hydrant. Those were good days and the 2 biggest brands out there were Indy and Santa Cruz. Now relive your youth and check out the classics on our website!