The Dakar Rally 2015

The most hardcore rally race in the world is back. These guys push the limits to the ultimate max. The race takes place in the most gruelling terrain across Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. Check out the official website where yo can follow all the thrills ans spills:

And here are some highlights:


Dakar- The Most Hardcore Race On The Planet!

You gotta hand it to them fellas. Pushing themselves to the absolute limit racing around the limit. Isn’t it amazing what people will put themselves through, but these are people on a mission to break through those barriers and to push themselves through a zone most of us cannot comprehend or understand. Here in our little office, cold and wet in the UK, we watch the video clips and look at the pictures of what these amazing athletes are achieving and would like to share these with you. Long live extreme and long live the human spirit. Keep on trucking indeed: