All singing, all dancing!

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Metal Mulisha Brush Zip Men's Black HoodieElement Alder Jacket - Olive Grey

Hey y’all. Come and check this stuff out. New site, new prices! We are so stoked with how this turned out, and have worked hard to get it looking as cool as this! We are true action sports guys who love it all and live it all. Come and join us.


Alpinestars- they don’t just do boots you know….

Not only does this company protect you on your bike, they cloth you off your bike. Alpinestars is a company who can actually say, they have heritage, and 50 years at that. With a forward thinking team of designers based in the place to be, Cali Forn I A, they get the colours, trends and look right every season. Check out these rad colourways and flat brim styles, and then come on over to our house, and see a bit more:

Sayin it loud for the kids!

I believe the children are out future, teach them well and let them lead the way…… but make sure they are wearing a good pair of shoes! Put yourself in my shoes and how far would you walk in another mans shoes? Shoes certainly complete a man, or in this case a kid. The Van Doren Rubber company have been kicking out , ahem, kicks since 1966, so they know about kicks. We like to provide the critters with something that is a fashion statement, but helps them feel comfortable and to top it all off, some threads, to, ahem, boot. So check out all our glorious wares available for you at

Vans Footwear is the message. Wear them, skate them, own them.


Vans Off The Wall, Since 1966.

“Where have you beanie my whole life Mr. Bean(ie)?” “I have beanie right here, waiting to warm your cockles!”

Somebody should right a song about the beanie. It has been warming heads around the world for many a time now. I remember when the grunge thing kicked in and you saw the Soundgarden lads and the Mudhoney lads rocking truckers on the West Coast and beanies on the East coast! But, not only does the common beanie offer warmth to your head on freezing cold days, it has become a fashion necessity. Even the big fashion houses are running beanies in their sought after collections, but in our opinion are nowhere near as cool as the awesome selection offered right here at X Spirit. So, not only for the cold, but the look of coolness and the cause of jealousy of those around you, check out the selection just below:

You will never outfox the Fox. Check out this Fox gear, for Fox sake!


Yo X Spiriters. Geoff Fox and Bob Fox started the Fox company way back in 1974. One was doing the MX stuff and the other Fox Shox. What a success story huh?! The company is privately owned but branched out of the MX arena to involve themselves in everything from surfing to wake to bmx to downhill. They continue to do an amazing job through the gear they produce and sponsor some of the biggest names in the world arena of action sports. The Fox head has become iconic on both a moto based platform but also to a wider commercial market. As the world of moto becomes more freely accessible through the massive media exposure it receives, so does the popularity of the brands. Fox is right up there as one of the biggest and here at X Spirit we carry Fox with proud hearts. We were there when the original Fox head came about and we will be there forever!