Ken Roczen is here to do the business

Ken Roczen had an unbelievable rookie year last year, taking it to the pro’s every race and showing that there are some very formidable, serious European contenders out there. This year, he will be a lot more organised and hungrier to show what he can do. And with Ryan Villopoto and James Stewart out the mix, he stands as good a chance as ever.

Watch this great documentary that gives a lot of insight into Roczens style, and life.


Alpinestars- they don’t just do boots you know….

Not only does this company protect you on your bike, they cloth you off your bike. Alpinestars is a company who can actually say, they have heritage, and 50 years at that. With a forward thinking team of designers based in the place to be, Cali Forn I A, they get the colours, trends and look right every season. Check out these rad colourways and flat brim styles, and then come on over to our house, and see a bit more:

Hoods- not of the neighbour kind, or the lum kind, but rather the wearing kind

The thing about a hood is, it’s a hood. Like the hood of a car, it keeps your melon dry and warm and a little bit sinister! Fact: did you know a number of years ago, you weren’t allowed to wear hoodies in shopping malls, because of anti social association in the UK- it’s true! But, now, they are back in fashion, thank goodness. Don’t blame the hood, I say. Here at X- Spirit, we like hoods, alot, so check out some of the pieces we do:



If you got them blues, get y’all some shoes!


If diamonds are a girls best friend, I think the guys at X- Spirit HQ would tell you, shoes are their best friend. Globe have been around for a long time, but their styles of kicks just get better and better. You only have to look at our selection to see this. For skateboarders, BMXers or simply for the guy on the beat, these guys cover every single base. Durable, great quality and awesome looking X- Spirit offer some of the coolest Globes out there. Come on over  to our place and stay a while!