MTB Freeriding

Photo: Cold days make us dream of happier places - thanks Gaspi of for this rad shot in New Mexico ... #alpinestarsmtb

What freeriders do is exactly that! They ride free. check out the beauty and tranquility of a shot like this. With the technology is sports today, these guys can take there man made machines and become one with the mountains, and nature. This is taking something man has made and using it in the correct way, to appreciate the natural terrains that this earth has created. Imagine the challenge of getting to this venue in Mexico, hiking up that mountain for a few hours and then the sheer exhilaration of coming down, chosing your lines carefully, so you don’t hurt yourself, and challenging yourself on the jumps. This is why MTB is the fastest growing action sport in the world, because of man vs nature, but man always respecting nature and it’s boundaries.

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