The Spirit of X, or X turned around : + which equals positivity!

I know we have been through this before, but we often get asked why we called the company X Spirit, and although X comes back to Xtreme and X Gmaes and action sports there is also an element of X that is unknown and I love this picture, because to me, it puts a lot into perspective. I recently looked at our logo, and something so simple occurred to me. Turn the X onto it’s side and what do you get? a + sign, or put simply, positivity. Wow, I thought! We did that without ever bringing it into the fold consciously, but the power of positive thought is one of the most important things in making any business work. Every so often, I have a moment of clarity, and today this is it. For anything in life to work, we have to get into the pattern of positive thought. Now, I am in no way trying to be a guru or lifestlye coach here, but just keeping it simple. Thinking posativity, leads to doing something for others, leading to feeling happier leading to nature giving back. Stop being angry with the world and embrace it. Make angriness happiness, and see the benefits. Now, I have just written this book available at Amazon……. (kidding)

Get out there, and become the picture. Positive.



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