The Dream 70.3 Bike?

That bike looks insane. Wonder how much that would set one back….

Sykose Extreme Sports News

Photo: John David Becker

A good triathlon bike must be fast and efficient — that’s a given. But an ideal machine for the Ironman 70.3 distance also has to meet the less sexy challenges of a multi-hour race. It must handle well, travel without too much mechanical difficulty, ride nicely and carry the fuel needed to finish the distance strongly. The Trek Speed Concept 9 Series won Inside Triathlon’s wind tunnel test early in 2013, and since then the engineers tweaked the original to make it a little faster and more practical. Our Ironman 70.3 dream bike is built around this new chassis with accessories and pieces that make it a blueprint for any bike setup for 70.3, regardless of price.

A 70.3 hydration setup doesn’t have to carry every ounce of fluid you’ll require during the ride. Most half-Ironman bike courses have three aid stations, giving three separate…

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