Insane Waves Keep Coming

Fearless: Amputee Rik Bennett

Over and out: Onlookers looked on in disbelief as he barrelled through the surf, being thrown off by a monster wave

Maybe these are the waves Bodhi was waiting for in Point Break….

Europe has had some unbelievable rain causing a lot of flooding and destruction, but for some surfers the best waves they have ever seen, or ridden. Hawaiian surfer, Shane Dorian, jumped on a plane and travelled for 15 hours to surf a break off the French coast, catching 2 waves, measured at about 60ft, but said it was worth the trouble. Immense 15- 20 footers are also being ridden off the Irish coast, and by these photos you can see some serious waves battering the Cornish coast, but the thing is, this chap is an amputee. Respect, and more respect. Defying all safety warnings, surfer Rik Bennett pits his skill against monster waves thrown up by Storm Hercules – on one leg. Onlookers watched in disbelief as daredevil dad-of-five Rik, 44, plunged into 25ft waves as tall as houses at St Agnes in Cornwall.

Watch Andrew Cotton surf one of these monsters right here:


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