F1 news


So, with testing just 3 weeks away (hoorah), we thought we would give you some information regarding various things that you just might know. So, lets start with the 2014 engines.

Renault 2014 Engine (neat, huh?!)

Mercedes 2014 Engine

– Each car will have two fewer cylinders than last year, Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) will become integral to performance and turbocharging will be allowed for the first time since 1988.

– The Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) we have become used to in recent years will be replaced by much more powerful units, recovering not just kinetic energy but also heat.

– There’s no shying away from it, there will be a lot of reliability issues in 2014. The new engines represent a huge step into the unknown and there are only three weeks of on-track testing before the cars race for the first time in Australia. Things could get messy.

– In 2014 F1 cars will have to complete the same race distances as they did in 2013 but with just 100 litres of fuel. That’s roughly 35% less than was used in 2013 (depending on the circuit) and presents a serious challenge for engineers.

– Turbo engines produce significantly more torque than naturally aspirated engines, but the delivery of the torque can lag behind the application of the throttle.

– Although the engines are smaller next season the cooling requirements are much higher.

– One of the most exciting aspects of the 2014 regulations is that it shifts the emphasis ever so slightly away from aerodynamics. For the first time this decade engine departments will have the opportunity to innovate and compete with one another over the coming years.


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