The return of the King!

Hi friends. Always a bit strange returning from a holiday. Was on top of things as you have to be when you own a business, but with great partners like Kat, you never have much to worry about, but back to the rain and traffic of the M25, quickly brings you back to reality! But, that’s what holidays are for right? If you were on holiday everyday, it just wouldn’t be a holiday. I have much to be thankful for after this holiday. Had some great waves, amazing company, food to die for (and plenty of it), miles of sprawling beaches, caught some tuna, bbq’ed some tuna, and all round peaceful surroundings with the coolest most welcoming locals. I think sitting in the backline, reflecting on life in general and appreciating my surroundings made me realize just how lucky we are in the modern first world. Its too easy to look at the small things that annoy that are really just that- small things! So, I have come back with a lot of positives, and things I will be working hard to achieve. Never easy, but always worth the challenge. And on top of all of that, Christmas to look forward to. Happy holidays all!




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