Holiday bliss

Everybody needs a holiday, needs some time away, from each other…… Song lyrics, but very apt! My holiday in particular has been amazing. Good to measure things and have a little reassessment of life in general. The filling up of the tank, so to speak. Cape Verde is a breathtakingly beautiful place. Certainly not full of palm trees and Tiki bars, but natural beauty- the beauty of old. The people are humble and appreciate what they have, and for now, no built up promenades, stalls selling cheap tat, and certainly no Irish bars! But, word on the street is that things will change in about 5 years time, Cape Verde becoming the new canaries, so my advice is, get out here quickly before the before the natural beach beauty is gone forever. Went to the point again yesterday, although this time in rain, but it´s cool as I was going to get wet anyway! 3 foot, sucking up barrels, but oh so much fun. Had to make sure the take off was spot on as a snapped board could have easily been the result and all i brought along on this trip was one 6.4

So, back to reality tomorrow, and back to the cold, but I have missed Kat, X-Spirit and doing what I really love. Living the lifestyle, and sharing it via our awesome business. And not only that, Christmas, Santa, mince pies, mulled wine and presents to look forward to.




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