X- Spirit: Who are we?



That’s Kat on the left, and me, Kyle on the right. Pleased to meet you!

I have been posting on here for a while now- certainly not as long as others, but long enough for some folk to ask how you decide what to write about. The truth is, you just kinda sit down, and write! And today, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit about us. We run an online business, called http://www.x-spirit.co.uk as well as http://www.x-spirit.sk and soon to be http://www.x-spirit.pl We, consist of 2 of us, Kat, and myself Kyle (and some other dudes, in the background). The thing is, we are not some big corpo outfit with millions of pounds pumped into this project everyday, but living it and struggling through it to not only make a success of what we are doing, but to first and foremost enjoy it, and be a part of the whole lifestyle. Although, our job is primarily office based in a place called Luton, Bedfordshire, we actively partake in the sports we sell. We are a part of it. From dirtbiking, to skateboarding to snowboarding to surfing to b-boying to wakeboarding and so on and so forth- that’s what weekends are for right?! But even though some of the tasks might be mundane ie. picking and packing of product, there is a level of excitement that goes into the process ie. Ralph from Germany has just purchased an Alpinestars hoodie in a Size Medium, in Green, with the Astars Blaze logo across the front. This is when you start analysing your customer, as if it’s a speed dating scenario! What does Ralph do? What sports does he watch? Is he is Sebastian Vettel fan? Why did he buy this piece in particular? Blah, blah, blah! For us, every sale we get is an achievement, because it means that what we do, is having an effect on someone else, and this is why we blog, because it has now become a part of our, dare i say this dreaded cliche, DNA! But, that’s the plain truth- it is us, X- Spirit in all our naked glory, emptying out our hearts to you, the world…

Maybe Ralph just liked the t-shirt.





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