Brothers in arms

I have the utmost respect for these guys. Three brothers, a bond for life, growing up together, looking out for one another, decide to set out on the ultimate trip. Not to an idyllic sunfilled location, but the complete opposite. What you see from this video is sheer harmony and acceptance of nature and its surroundings, maybe harsh to some but to these brothers, the ultimate experience. And it comes back once again to my views on the rat race we find ourselves in. These guys pulled themselves away and experienced life, and brotherhood. They undertook a journey to The Svalbard coast, Norway equipped with surfboards, snowboards, parachutes, slacklines, tents, warm clothing, wetsuits and fishing rods. Living off the land and using the land. A great story and I for one, cannot wait to see this in full!


5 thoughts on “Brothers in arms

  1. Gives a really clear idea of how life was led by those intrepid natural explorers of the past. So much sickness and dis-ease is the separation from who we are and what we are capable of. Inspiring posting, thank you.

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