Nature- to be or not to be

I think every living being has the inner nomad. It’s in our genes from our cavemen days, and somewhere deep inside every single one of us has the hidden desire to go to the most far flung places of this big ball, called earth, that we live on! Well, at least that’s how I feel. I dream of places- jungles, mountains and oceans and just experiencing what we were given for free…. nature. I know we all have to survive and to some that means jumping on a train everyday, commuting, studying, working at Macdonalds, running a bank, sweeping the street etc. but we all have choices. Maybe its time to turn back the clock and go back to our roots of living off the land and appreciating the land. Subsistence farming, living in a treehouse, and making the most of mother nature. In my case, I would however still need a surfboard and a mountainbike, oh and UPS for new parts, wax etc. oh and skype to check for swells etc. oh, and maybe just one small taco joint to service my taco needs. We just can’t win can we…….

These places look epic, and if I could live my little dream above, this is where it would be:


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