Rossi vs Hayden 2006- epic previous battles

2006- what a year it was for MotoGP and the last time, we had such a closely contested season. It all came down to the very last race at Valencia, with Rossi starting on pole, and Hayden in 5th, with Rossi 8 points ahead. Rossi, apparently had this one in the bag, but the beauty of sports is that every so often, strange things happen. Now, there is always a conspiracy theory, and the theory for this race is Rossi, is that Rossi had dud tyres, which resulted in an awful start, and an off. The result of this race, was a third finish for Hayden and 13th for Rossi, making Hayden world champion. All it would take today, is for Marquez to finish in 4th, and even if Lorenzo were to win, Marquez would still be crowned champion. But, in the spirit of great sporting moments, we are predicitng Lorenzo as the victor and champion of this race, and season!

Great story of 2006 here:


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