Marc Marquez is world champion!

It was a script written, and Marquez is the hero of the story. A rookie, broken every record available this year and has emerged a the 2013 world champion, but definitely with a battle in the last race. Lorenzo played it strategically slowing the race down, to get Rossi and Bautista into the mix, almost causing a number of collisions, including his own. After a number of laps, Lorenzo saw that this was not going to work, and sped ahead to win the race. Marquez played it safe showing a lot of maturity and finished in 3 rd place, handing him the 2013 championship. Ladies and gentleman, we give you, the new Valentino Rossi!


1. Lorenzo

2. Pedrosa

3. Marquez

4. Rossi

5. Bautista

6. Bradl

7. Smith

8. Hayden

9. Dovizioso

10. Pires


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