The Unit Skycraft FMX Bike- Wow!

Now here is a bike that is going to change Freestlye MX as we know it. 25% lighter than your normal average bike, it makes you wonder if the triple backflip might be a possibility. The bike founded by Unit, and a team of engineering brains from Triple Eight. There is a lot more carbon fibre than a normal bike. Here is the spec:

Skycraft specifications:

• 75 kilograms (165 pounds)
• Uses existing powerplant and suspension setup typical to FMX
• Carbon fibre monocoque frame with integrated fuel tank
• Carbon fibre swingarm with integrated silencer
• Ultra-slim carbon fibre bodywork
• Grab handles integrated into carbon fibre body
• Carbon fibre rims
• Compact front-mounted cooling system with single radiator core
• Custom-built titanium expansion chamber
• Full titanium axle and bolt kit
• Titanium shock spring
• Front air suspension
• Unit magnum grips (patented design)
• Increased/adjustable turning angle


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