Trick or treat?

Hey folks from the X Spirit nether world. Over here in the world of X, we woke up with an early morning surf. Glassy as ever, 6 foot and sets working one after the other. Eventually tide and wind changed direction and after 3 hours of pure bliss, we decided to get out of the water. Temp recorded 32 degrees C. Dry off, and hop onto the dirt bike and hit the fresh dunes of the desert. The wind has freshened the height of the dunes and they are untouched. Another 2 hours of the gnarliest jumps and insane heights just before lunch time. Trick or treat? Grab a quick lunch and then into the Subaru Imprezza to do the hour long drive to the nearest slopes, 130 mph, smashing the hairiest of hairpins in existence, traction control working over time, but drifting the heck out of this Sub. Arrive at the bottom of the slope, have a look around, and no one about. Cliff fires up the chopper and we grab our gear. Fresh overnight dumps mean pure powder, but where we are going the powders always fresh. Cliff drops us off, well, on a cliff. Quick look around, choose our lines, strap on, and jump. Our lives, are in natures hands. We go fast, we go hard. The ride takes all of 1 hour and 20 mins, stopping every now and then to see our parallels running down what was a perfectly covered mountain of the purest snow. Trick or treat?

What shall we do tomorrow? Pretty much the same- our world is X-Spirit. Come and join us

Trick or treat? Always a treat at



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