It’s all about the finer things

In a world where technology gets faster and life gets more hectic, it’s always a good thing to step back and remind ourselves of the fact that we are still human beings and not to take things too seriously. When I was growing up in the 80’s the evolution of the brick mobile phone to the first Nokia that allowed you to send a text message, took ages, and yet now, we are able to Facetime! Who would have thought?! To imagine that growing up, would have been like something out of Star Wars, which brings me to my next point. Having recently watched Star Wars 2, I made my mind up, that even with the big Hollywood names and amazing on screen technology, that Episodes IV, V and VI, were just so much better. Does that mean that the kids of the new generation think that Episodes I, II, and III were better and that the latter were just crap?! Who knows…… but, I suppose the point I am trying to make is that with all the hyped up fast pace of things, sometimes the old things are easier and simply more…… simple. So here are some pics to take us to the simple places. Keep it simple, if you can.

Surfer sitting on sand, Sunset Beach

Enjoy life.


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