Red Bull Rampage

Athletes around the world continue to take their sport of choice to new levels every day. The Red Bull Rampage is an invite-only freeride/downhill mountain bike competition held near Zion National Park in Utah. The competition was held from 2001–2004 and then cancelled due to the increasing risk competitors were taking. The Rampage however was re-introduced for the 2008 season. Competitors are judged on their choice of lines down the course. These guys have taken mountain biking to a whole new level. Red Bull have created one of the best events in the world pushing the MTB athletes to their maximum.

More highlights can be found here:

And results for 2013:

Place Rider

1 Kyle Strait
2 Kelly McGarry
3 Cameron Zink
4 Andreu Lacondeguy
5 Tyler McCaul
6 Pierre Edouard Ferry
7 Cameron McCaul
8 Brendan Fairclough
9 Garett Buehler
10 Thomas Genon
11 Ramon Hunziker
12 Mike Montgomery
13 Logan Binggeli
14 Wil White
15 Geoff Gulevich
16 Nico Vink
17 Graham Agassiz
18 Kyle Norbraten
19 Brendan Howey
20 Mike Hopkins
20 James Doerfling
20 Antoine Bizet
20 Dr Rawling
20 Josh Raynor


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