Belt, 带, pás, ceinture, زنار, bælte, sinturon, sabuk, cintura, बेल्ट, cinturón, ремень


Hooray for the belt! As Mick Jagger once said, “You don’t want my trousers to fall down, now do ya?”

The belt has been around from the bronze age worn by both men and women for centuries. In the modern era, belts have become a fashion icon as well as a tool to make the wearing of trousers more comfortable. Here at X- Spirit we like to cater for all with our various brands, colours and styles. Have a look at what we have here:

Element Beyond All Black Belt Hurley One and Only Men's Black Web BeltHurley Honor Roll Men's Multi-Coloured Web BeltHurley Honor Roll Men's Black Camo Web BeltHurley Hemisphere  Multi-Coloured Mens Web BeltHurley business Card Men's Black BeltElement Vision Red BeltElement Anti Matter Black BeltMetal Mulisha Haste Black BeltAlpinestars Arena Purple Guy's BeltAlpinestars Driver Men's Green BeltGlobe Bantam Green Belt Globe Redman Red Pop Belt Globe Bantam Orange Belt Independent Clipped Men's Black BeltSanta Cruz Screaming Hand Men's Blue BeltIndependent Clipped Men's Charcoal BeltSanta Cruz Enamel Knot Guy's Blue BeltSanta Cruz Classic Clamp Men's Red BeltLowlife Concave Studded Black BeltIndependent Lines BC Black Men's BeltLowlife Dub 3cm Studded White/Red/Blue BeltLowlife Grip Studded Black BeltLowlife Triple S Studded Graphite/White/Orange BeltLowlife Triple S Studded Black/Black/White BeltLowlife LL Slim Cover Up Blue BeltGlobe Bantam Yellow Belt Lowlife Armor Studded Graphite Belt


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