You will never outfox the Fox. Check out this Fox gear, for Fox sake!


Yo X Spiriters. Geoff Fox and Bob Fox started the Fox company way back in 1974. One was doing the MX stuff and the other Fox Shox. What a success story huh?! The company is privately owned but branched out of the MX arena to involve themselves in everything from surfing to wake to bmx to downhill. They continue to do an amazing job through the gear they produce and sponsor some of the biggest names in the world arena of action sports. The Fox head has become iconic on both a moto based platform but also to a wider commercial market. As the world of moto becomes more freely accessible through the massive media exposure it receives, so does the popularity of the brands. Fox is right up there as one of the biggest and here at X Spirit we carry Fox with proud hearts. We were there when the original Fox head came about and we will be there forever!



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