Old School




Hey X Spiriters. How you doing? We have some young and some old crew but the older crew often talk about their days skating the bowls on their Powell decks or Santa Cruz or even Santa Monica Airlines. Watching Natas Kaupus and Rob Roskopp on vids like Wheels of Fire killing it! Christian Hosoi smashing the Chris Air and so on and so forth. The young dudes are like, who the heck are they?! So, to let them know just how awesome the older dudes days of skating were, and to make the older guys still feel rad, we stock brands just for them! Santa Cruz and Independent have been there for a long old while and to see the classics like the Screaming Hand and Bar Cross are always welcome. So old or new, join the movement of the traditional school of skate and wear these garms proudly. Check em out friends:




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